Main roles : Fahad Khalid and Selina Hotwani


Fahad Khalid as Faiz.

Accomplished eastern folk jazz multi-instrumentalist, inspired by Indian Raags and Arabic maqams, he has been performing music since almost 20 years and performed throughout the UK. Because of his unique character, style and his signature hat, we naturally believed the role of Faiz would be the perfect fit for him. He is knowledgeable in Doodh Patti.


Selina Hotwani as Yasmin

With an extensive experience in acting in short movies, advertising films for renowned companies and successful plays around London, Selina is also a dedicated charity director for Wishful Smiles, an amazing charity based in London. She felt touched by the message that “A Strange Perfume of Jasmine” delivers.


Abdurrahman McConnell as Jonathan

Buthaina Ibrahim as Faridha

Jayde Russell as Farzana

Sukina Douglas as Sheikha Sukina

Umar Khan as Umar

Abshir Dubbad as The Sound Engineer





William Barylo is a dedicated PhD student in the Social Sciences at EHESS (Paris) using film and photography as tools for conveying social messages and fond of Doodh Patti. Beside producing short films for charities and companies since 8 years, he released in 2010 a Photo report about Bushinengue people of French Guinana and in 2013 a full feature documentary about Muslims in Poland, which has been touring in France, Poland, Belgium, the UK and the US, especially in universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Berkeley, Warsaw, Krakow or the INALCO. He founded the Light Inc. charity advocating sustainable solidarity.



Light Inc.

Seventh Gate


Executive Producers:

British Muslim TV

MAIPS (Perlis Islamic Religious Council and Malay Custom – Malaysia)